Drupal 7-Brightcove Connector: Configuration and Usage


Drupal Brightcove Video Connector allows you to manage Brightcove Video Cloud videos and players within Drupal, and easily embed videos in Drupal pages. This page details how to configure the Brightcove module within Drupal 7. For Drupal 8, see Drupal-Brightcove Connector: Configuration.

Connect to the Brightcove Account

  1. To connect your Brightcove account, navigate to the Brightcove API page by clicking on Configuration, then scrolling down to the Brightcove Settings option under Media.
    Navigate to API Client page.
    This will take you to the Brightcove Settings page. To add a new Brightcove API client, click on the API Clients tab, then select Add API Client.
    The add account screen.
    This will take you to the form to add in an API client.
  2. The Label can be anything, but using the same name as the account name on Brightcove will make it easier to identify.
  3. To find account ID, look in the top left corner of your Brightcove Studio dashboard.
    Account ID.
  4. To get client ID and client secret, you will have to register an application. In Brightcove Studio, navigate to API Authentication and click on Add New Application.
    API authentication.
  5. Fill in name and short description.
  6. Select an account. Pictured below are all required permissions.
    Account and Permissions.
  7. Hit save.
  8. Client ID and Client Secret appear.
    Client ID and Client secret.
    Be sure to copy and save Client Secret to a secure location. You will not be able to access it again.
  9. Fill in all IDs and Keys.
    Navigate to API Client page.
    Hit save.
  10. If you encounter problems, please make sure you have the date and time configured, and try again.

Adding a Brightcove Video Field

To add Brightcove videos to your Drupal posts, first add a video field to the new content page. To do this, navigate to "Structure" and click on "Content Types."

Navigate to content type.

Select "Manage Fields" from the contenty type you wish to add Brightcove Videos to. This process can be repeated for each content type.

Click manage fields.

Click "Add a New Field." Label it, and select "Brightcove" for Field Type and "Videos (Upload/Browse)" for widget. Hit save.

Click manage fields.

Your video field should now appear.

Posting and Managing Videos

Unlike with Drupal 8, the Drupal 7 connector does not have a separate content management system, so most content management should be done on the Brightcove Studio site. However, from the new content page, you can view all images by hitting browse, as well as upload new ones.

There are two ways to attach existing videos to a post. If you know the title of the video, typing it into the Brightcove field and allowing autocomplete to find it will work. You can also hit the browse button to view and select all videos.

the three ways to attach a video to a drupal post.

Clicking the upload button will open the upload form, thus allowing you to add new videos straight from Drupal. Publish the post, and your video should appear.

video published.