WordPress-Brightcove Connector: Configuration

This topic covers the configuration of the Brightcove connector for Wordpress.


WordPress Brightcove Video Connector allows you to manage Brightcove Video Cloud videos and players within WordPress, and easily embed videos in WordPress pages.

Connect to the Brightcove Account

The add account screen.
  1. Navigate to Brightcove settings and click add Brightcove Account
  2. The Source Name can be anything, but using the same name as the account name on Brightcove will make it easier to identify.
  3. To find account ID, log into Brightcove Studio and look in the top left corner of your dashboard.
    Account ID.
  4. To get client ID and client secret, you will have to register an application. Navigate to API Authentication and click on Add New Application.
    API authentication.
  5. Fill in name and short description.
  6. Select an account. Pictured below are all required permissions.
    Account and Permissions.
  7. Hit save.
  8. Client ID and Client Secret appear.
    Client ID and Client secret.
    Be sure to copy and save Client Secret to a secure location. You will not be able to access it again.
  9. Click "Check Credentials." If successful, your videos should be displayed.

Set the Ingest Profile

Version 1.4.1 of the connector and previous hardcode the Video Cloud ingest profile to be "videocloud-default-v1".  If the Brightcove account only has Dynamic Delivery or CAE enabled, this ingest profile will not exist and video upload will fail.  Below are several option to work around this behavior in the connector.


  1. Create a new ingest profile in the Video Cloud account with the default profile name used in the connector.  Navigate to Admin->Ingest Profiles and create a new profile or duplicate an existing profile (multi-platform-extended-static-with-mp4 is recommended as good and versatile profile) and name it “videocloud-default-v1”.  
    Add profile with default name.


  1. Or change the ingest profile name in the connector source code by first determining which existing ingest profile under Admin->Ingest in the Video Cloud account that you would like to use. Click on Show API Name and note it down.
    Show profile API name.
    Select a profile.
  1. On the WordPress server, edit wp-content/plugins/brightcove-video-connect/includes/api/class-bc-cms-api.php and change the profile from the default profile name of 'videocloud-default-v1' to the desired profile name.  For example, change
    public function video_upload( $video_id, $video_url, $profile = 'videocloud-default-v1' ) {
    public function video_upload( $video_id, $video_url, $profile = 'multi-platform-standard-static-with-mp4' ) {
  1. Or modify the connector to use the default ingest profile in the Video Cloud account. To do this, edit wp-content/plugins/brightcove-video-connect/includes/api/class-bc-cms-api.php and comment out the line:
    $data = array( 'profile' => sanitize_text_field( $profile ) );
    with /* */.

You have now completed configuration of the WordPress-Brightcove connector. Proceed to Using the Connector.