Drupal 7-Brightcove Connector: Installation


The Drupal-Brightcove Connector allows you to manage Brightcove Video Cloud videos and players within Drupal, and easily embed videos in Drupal pages. This article specifically will go into how to install the Drupal 7 plug-in. For Drupal 8, please see the installation guide for Drupal 8.

Installation Steps

For best results, make sure you have already installed composer. Find instructions on how here.

  1. Download and install the PHP-API-Wrapper. Move to sites/all/libraries/PHP-API-Wrapper
  2. Navigate to sites/all/libraries/PHP-API-Wrapper in your console. From within the folder, run composer install.
  3. Now, download the Brightcove Module. You will also need to load some other modules for dependencies:
  4. Move all modules to the modules folder.
  5. Go to your drupal site. Navigate to the Modules page.
  6. Enable to following modules: ctools, entity api, libraries, date, date api, date popup, media, media internet sources, file entity, and views. These should all be available thanks to step 3.
  7. Be sure to set date and time! Your Brightcove module will not work if you don't.

Once you're done, you can move to Configuration.